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Image by Valdemaras D.

Britt Harrison 

The Philosophers' Editor


All fees are bespoke. 

We'll start by discussing a presentation, article, or book you're writing and any  concerns you may have.


I'll then demonstrate the various ways I might engage with your work, using your actual text.  


 I'll give you a fixed price and a timeframe.


Then you decide if you'd like to move forward.


Copy-editing. Development Editing.

Philosophical Dialogue.

Supporting your vision and voice.


Professors. Associate Professors.

Lecturers. Post-doctoral scholars.

Post-graduate researchers. 

Tenured & Non-Tenured 

Affiliated & Independent

Native & Non-Native Speakers of English

Britt Harrison is a seasoned, meticulous, generous, and inspired editor.
I was fortunate to be assisted by her expertise and professionalism in a pretty dense article which made its way to a high profile collection. She was excellent in catching subtle grammar issues and helping me to make my text more concise, elegant, and clear. I highly recommend her work.

Dr. Eran Guter

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Max Stern Academic College of Jezreel Valley and Researcher

University of Haifa, Israel


Britt's first PhD - The Epistemology of Know-how - was awarded by the University of Hertfordshire in 2013.  Her supervisors were Danièle Moyal-Sharrock and Dan Hutto;

her examiners Professor Duncan Pritchard and Reader Brendan Larvor. 

Her work was supported by the British Wittgenstein Society's Doctoral Bursary.

Britt's second PhD - Cinematic Humanism: Cinematic, Dramatic, and Humanistic Value in Fiction Films - was awarded by the University of York, in 2022.   Her supervisor was  Professor Peter Lamarque; her examiners Professors Greg Currie and Derek Matravers.

Her work was supported by a White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities

(WRoCAH) Doctoral Scholarship.

Philosophy Publications and CV here:

Since the mid-1990s, Britt has also been a screenwriter, script & story editor,

film tutor, and film development person.  She's worked closely with hundreds of screenwriters (and many dozens of directors) helping them pursue and achieve their cinematic ambitions.


Film Credits here:


I look forward to hearing from you.


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