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Britt's first PhD - The Epistemology of Know-how - was awarded by the University of Hertfordshire in 2013.  Her supervisors were Danièle Moyal-Sharrock and Dan Hutto; her examiners Professor Duncan Pritchard and Reader Brendan Larvor.  Her work was supported by the British Wittgenstein Society's Doctoral Bursary.

Britt's second PhD - Cinematic Humanism: Cinematic, Dramatic, and Humanistic Value in Fiction Films - was awarded by the University of York, in 2022.   Her supervisor was  Professor Peter Lamarque; her examiners Professors Greg Currie and Derek Matravers. Her work was supported by a White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities

(WRoCAH) Doctoral Scholarship.

In tandem with her philosophical pursuits, Britt has also worked - for several decades - as a screenwriter, script editor, film & writing tutor, and film development person.  In these roles she's worked closely with hundreds of screenwriters, providing them with a constructively critical audience for their cinematic stories and ambitions.

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